I’ve been knowing Eugenia for the past two years she’s been a excellent counselor in assisting with marriage counseling and teens I have a son who suffered from depression she has been able to reach out and help him during this difficult time she’s very experienced In her profession.

As a former supervisee of Eugenia, I can say with confidence that she comes into the counseling room with an abundance of empathy, compassion, and wisdom. She has a way of deeply affirming the value of every person she interacts with, and is able to allow others to be fully who they are. She has so much experience and I highly recommend her services.

My experiences with Eugenia Foster have been better than with other therapists. She is there to get to the root of the issue so that you can heal and improve your life. You won’t talk aimlessly for an hour and then wonder where your money went. If you need a change in your life and are willing to put in the work, Eugenia can help you get there.