If it weren’t for the genuinely endearing, dedicated services of this man my relationship and family would have ended. We came to his office teetering over the edge and he patiently guided us into a steady, solid meadow of healthy communication. In fact, when my spouse and I work through conflict today, we high five one another and say “Geoff would be so proud of us.” I am so grateful to Geoffrey Sherrell for his care, commitment, and ministry in service. If you are unsure about trying out counseling, PLEASE allow him to work with you. You will not regret it. I’ve already referred him to several of my friends and family. He is wonderful.

I’ve had a few different therapists, but none of them have the breadth of knowledge and emotional range as Geoff at Christian Counseling. I’m also not religious, but I still find that this space can be helpful for anyone.